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Bambina Carabina!

Hello dolly friends!

As many of you already know, our dear Gaia is going through a difficult time right now due to a financial problem. She's selling 80% of her doll collection and even so it won't be enough.
We would like to give her a hand and have decided to organize to help ease her economic situation.
We are more than happy to accept any donations you would like to offer, to get as many prizes as possible so more people can have a chance to win something.

We are currently accepting prize donations and will post the photos soon of all the prizes.

If you would like to give us a hand, donate a prize, offer support with getting the word out please email us at: welovebambina@gmail.com

1. Blythe doll custom by Tibiloo
2. OOAK Smock & Hoodie outfit set by MforMonkey
3. Little Bunka doll by MforMonkey
4. Augustus Bloom von Pinktea ( Lisa's first bear ) by Ragazza
5. Custom dolly by Giulietta degli spiriti
6. ButtonArcade Blythe Dress donated by Mysticartgirl56
7. Beaded Headband by Mysticartgirl56
8. Angora beret by Tibiloo
9. Crochet beret by Tibiloo
10. Free custom service by Little Miss no Name (you supply doll and shipping)
11. Outfit set for Neo Blythe by Knitmad
12. CDF dress by TachaDoll (dress to be chosen by the winner)
13. Tulle and Headband set by Buganville
14. Rabbeads Helmet by Lyu
15. Blythe Mask by Pixiepoo
16. Blythe Outfit by Tiny Haus
17. One Pompom Dress for Blythe by It's a Shershe Thing- Winners Choice
18. One Poofy Panty Onesie for Blythe by It's a Shershe Thing- Winners Choice
19. Blythe Outfit by Moshi Moshi
20. Blythe Outfit by Snuffbox
21. Bear Hat by Mimsy
22. Bear by Violetpie
23. Blythe Dress by GBaby
24. 4 sets Hand Painted Eye Chips by GBaby
25. OOAK pose doll hybrid by Wonderella
26. Blythe Outfit by ChuThings
27. 2 Blythe Dresses by CuteCherry Shop
28. 2 sets of Hand Painted Eye Chips by Zaloa27
29. Handmade doll by Miriana
29. Baby Doll Set by J loves B
30. Knit Cardigan by Milky Robot
31. Dress by TomateCerise
32. Alpaca and silk hoodie by Sakuraemma
33. Rosebud dress set by Lounging Linda
34. 2 crochets caps by Keurs (one of Blythe, one for Middie)
35. Outfit by Mlles de Paulinou
36. Dress by Sleepforever
37. Felted red loves cape from Polly
38. Smock embroidered dress by Baccarita
39. Dress by Dollyrocka
40. Blythe "Candy Necklace" by Jane
41. Blythe Dress by Blythe Chic
42. Knit Dress by Smilte
43. Blythe Coat by Cute Dolls Shop
44. Owl Hat by Sweet Nothings 
45. NRFB Very Vicky FBL by meganezaru75
46. 50's Stars Dress by Sushi Addict
47. Lawn Debutant Blythe dress by Miss 72
48. Blythe Slouchy Hat by Blythe Today
49. Bambina Carabina Hat donated by Iris Blakk
50. Blythe Hat - Pink/Grey by Olivette
51. Blythe Hat Coral by Olivette
52. Pomponette Cloche by Pomponette
53. NRFB CWC Limited Edition 8th Anniversary Blythe " Fashion Obsession Jenna" by   Anonymous
54. NRFB CWC Limited Edition 8th Anniversary Petite Blythe " Fashion Obsession Jill" by Anonymous
55. Giraffe Headband by Polkadotteddeer
56. OOAK Romper and Reversible Cap by One White Lily
57. One pair of clay antlers for Blythe by Dearbella
58. 1 original photo from the Barbie in Barcelona Series by Edel&Mikel
59. 1 original photo from the Barbie in Barcelona Series by Edel&Mikel
60. 2 outfits by Wererabbits
61. Kiss me Set (handmade wool dress and hairpin) by Miyukidollfie
62. Kiss me Set (handmade wool dress and hairpin) by Miyukidollfie
63. 5 Blythe Prints by Kinderland
64. Blythe Dress by Cover Your Dolly
65. 3 sets of Handpainted Eyechips by China-Lilly
66. Hand Knit Blythe Dress by Feltland
67. One pair of smaller clay antlers for Middie Blythe by Dearbella
68. Felt helmet and Pierrot dress from dollicious by happibug
69.  Petite Blythe Littlest Pet Shop  Set- Anonymous
70. 3 prints by "lovebucket" / Gabriela ( winners choice )
71. Petronitas headband by Petronitas ( winners choice )
72, Two pairs of Handpainted Eyechips by Melacacia
73. Raincoat & Hat set by Ateleier Blythe
74. Handmade Beret by Caramelody ( winners choice ) 
75. Handmade Beret by Caramelody ( winners choice ) 
76. Handmade Beret by Caramelody ( winners choice ) 

Feel free to use this pic on Flickr to show your support!

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  1. Hi there

    I bought 2 tickets, will my name show up on the list soon? Thanks (Ditsy Print)

  2. Hi there , you are #371 and 372 ! It has been there for a couple of days now :)

  3. I am puffypoogle (not puffypoodle LOL!)